Buy On Amazon Using PayPal with DpriceIt!

have you ever wanted to pay on Amazon with Paypal and you weren’t able to? So now you can!

You can purchase the item from our site using PayPal and we will make the purchase in your behalf and send it to you from Amazon.

It is easy to make a purchase. You can search for the Amazon item that you want to purchase directly using the search option in the home screen of When you find an item that you want to purchase, click on “Add to Cart”, fill your shipping address and checkout using the usual PayPal process that we are all used to.

After getting the confirmation that your order was received successfully, it will be shipped to you from Amazon within 4-5 days, and you will get a tracking number as soon as we get it from Amazon. There is a minimum order of $35 and we add 2% processing fee above PayPal transaction fees.
At the moment we support only Amazon US and shipping only to US customers.

Our team is waiting for your orders and process them on Amazon within a few minutes. If the price jumped on Amazon, or for some other reason we were not able to make the purchase, don’t worry we’ll give you a refund.
You are a 100% protected by the buyer protection policy in PayPal
Items are sent directly to you from Amazon you will be able to see your orders within your Dpriceit account dashboard and follow the shipping process using tracking numbers, same as it works in any other e-commerce site.

You can also define alerts and get notifications when the price of an item has reached a level that you want to purchase. You can get the notification to your email or even to your mobile Android

What is

Dpriceit is a site that allows you to view historical price changes for your favorite items on Amazon and Aliexpress. Find the absolute best time to purchase an item by defining an alert so you get notified immediately when an item that you want has changed price.
And now you can also purchase from Amazon using PayPal.

For any issues or any inquiries you can contact us at

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