Leisurely ride around the town one day, then the next day complete this tour. Setting up your bicycle exploration of Cape May and its surroundings this way will allow you to spend ample time visiting the sights along the road, rather than simply riding by them. Cape May is really too special a place to

But if you’re dating a pigskin junkie, you have very little choice: You’re going to be dragged to a get together where jerseys and body paint are the fashion.Normally, I don’t get wildly excited about football, but this year is a little different for me. I usually just inhale nachos until the Halftime Show, then

It’s the night of our 10th anniversary party. There are nearly a thousand people in our building cheap jordans, and I’ve just been handed a microphone. I thank my partners, thank my wife and tell everyone who is still sober enough to care that when we started Ground Zero, I thought it was all about

Lube is a bit like putting a condom on, it doesn’t necessarily interupt the ”whole moment you know”. It can just become routine and part of the whole moment in itself and it can be fun too. And it’s mostly like only a matter of seconds or minutes each time so that is a really

It was a fiasco. The most amazing thing about this, in the context of today and the political manoeuvrings, is that it was Ujjal Dosanjh that was the Minister in Charge of this racist episode who now is in the Federal Liberal Party critiquing the Conservatives. The ludicrous behaviour of all these players is something

Rand team has run this game with thousands of players. Half of them are asked, as I was love dolls, to decide their contribution within 10 seconds. The other half are asked to take their time and carefully consider their decision. Note that I didn’t write: Men and their toys. That’s a traditional saying, and

Most of initial topics were things I’d tell most people if they asked. As I started to feel a lot more comfortable and had realised that vibrators, “yeah I do get on with this person”, I realised it’d be ok to open up a bit more. There was a moment where I phrased something wrongly

Joker are two of the best examples in comic movie cinema. Dr. Octopus was one of the finest movie villains in the past 15 years hair toppers human hair wigs, easily, and he wasn bitten by a radioactive octopus nor did he get powers similar to Peter. This hair piece is made from 100% human

Walker is his heir apparent and has done very well in limited snaps.Our linebackers aren great but are not a liability like they have been. Davis has been playing very well as of late.Our interior line is pretty set with only really needing a pass rushing DT to compliment Snacks, Robinson, and Hand. God damn

I understand everything that went into this process and I appreciate everything. I understand the journey and I not taking it for granted. I bringing that same fire that I came with in 2016, if not more.. Some were knowledgeable First Nations, or locals, but many were new immigrants, from Asia, Europe, the Americas, Europe.