The Saga of A Window Curtain. (All Ladies Should Read)

For men, $5 difference on a bag may not be such a big deal. But for ladies, it could mean the whole world. That’s why it’s so important for ladies to keep an eye on the price of a certain product. That’s what has been exploited by most big players in today market.

The question is, in this new modern and online world should we ladies still gonna be held captive by the same old trick? High price and then discount on several events each year? Shouldn’t we hold the control and decide on our own when to buy? I think we should and we could, since now the world is just in the palm of our hands by maximizing the mobile technology.

How can technology empower women all over the world?

We can watch our babies and the shoes we wanted for so long at the same time.

Nowadays, we can use many tools to keep updated with the price movement of a product. From the one that looks so complicated until the one that really simple. For example, DPriceit Android App can keep you updated with the price movement and alert you should the price goes up or down.

Women with their choice of profession, has so many things to do on a daily basis, 24×7 and 365 days. We have to prepare foods, go to the office (for those who works as an employee), picking up children from school, doing the laundry, or even cleaning up the house. The only vacation we have is when there is a sign of “SALE 50% Discount” on a mall or department store. The only time we can feel that this is the right time to go shopping.

What if we can take that vacation everywhere? In our hand, using a mobile phone. We can (at any time) get informed when the product(s) that we want to buy is currently cheaper by 50% than last week. Will it be wonderful? Is it even possible? The answer is, yes. It is now made possible by Dpriceit.

How to monitor a product price without having to spend so much time?

Using Dpriceit, you can easily search for a product by certain keywords. In this example, I will be looking for “Grommet Curtain”. So I will use the keyword and type it in the search bar.

After that, it will give me several results directly from Amazon stores. I just need to pick one that I desire the most. I have already got one in mind, so I will share you how it will look like inside the product page.

The first thing you’ll see is the price movement chart, this alone will give you a lot of information about the price history the product has.

From the chart above you can see that currently, it’s at its bottom price. It has been up a bit but still by a few dollars. Now, you can decide to buy right away since it’s at a very low price. Or, you can wait a bit for the price to goes down a little more (perhaps).

If you decide to wait, you don’t have to spend everyday opening this page and refresh the page every 5 minutes to get the information when the price is down. You can choose to monitor this item, and DPriceit will send you an alert if the price is down or up. So you will know at any time when it’s the perfect time for you to buy the product. In my case, it’s the curtain I have always wanted to buy since early this year. So I chose “Monitor” on the product page in DPriceit.

Now, I will just have to wait when the price is at the price I think is the best price. DPriceit will alert me through email and phone notification whenever the price is down or up, so I can stay working and do my job as a wife and mom while waiting for the good news to arrive. I think I can say I live my life a little bit happier now, knowing that I won’t miss any sale price on the curtain that I want to have.

Make the movement now and change the way you shop!

I have changed the way I shop and spend my money on goods since I’ve been using DPriceit. I wanted to share this happy news with you and you should try it too. The most important thing is DPriceit is FREE, hell yeah! It’s FREE for life. The only fee you will have to pay is on your first purchase, after that there are rewards that will reduce the purchase fee. I am happier now, knowing I am liberated from the traditional shopping style. I can say proudly, that using DPriceit I am now a bit smarter than those vendors and retailers. The question is, when will you join me?

See you in the next post(s) to come. Bye for now, and always have a happy and good life!

You can utilize to see the least value a thing has sold for on Amazon.

Dpriceit is a site that allows you to view historical price changes for your favorite items on Amazon and Aliexpress. Find the absolute best time to purchase an item by defining an alert so you get notified immediately when an item that you want has changed price.
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